Photographing The PodBarber

Photographing Mickey and Howie from 'The Podbarber' when the interviewed Benjamin Hartley from the Star Wars Film, Rogue One

Documenting the creators of this mental health podcast

Howie and Micky are both good at the same thing – listening, although Howie would add that Micky can also talk for hours too! Their listening skills can be viewed differently – Micky listens to his clients in his job as a barber, whilst Howie listens in his work as an audio producer.

Conversation is the Cure

Both also have experience of listening in a way though, which helps those who may not otherwise speak up. It was no coincidence therefore, that these two happened together during lockdown, when Micky was missing the daily barber-chair chat, and realised that he knew men who might be encouraged to open up about issues that would resonate with others, particularly during the worrying times that the pandemic brought. By encouraging chat and recording these men, and later, women too, podcasts were made and ‘The Pod Barber’ was created. Bright and early this morning, I met them ahead of their next recording session, now amazingly into the third series.

Micky calls ‘Who’s next please?’

Well I’ll tell you who – Ben Hartley aka. Harb Binili / Red Seven from Rogue One : A Star Wars Story.

However, you will have to wait a few weeks until you can catch this podcast. I’m looking forward to listening to the insight of this former Royal Navy helicopter pilot.

By ‘Championing the chat’, Micky has covered topics as wide as sudden death syndrome, haemophilia, the spirit world, a baby’s death and organic farming.

It is hard for me to sum up what exactly each listener will glean from listening to one or more of these one-hour chats but if there is one tiny drop of relevant information which helps someone to think, question, and ultimately improve mental wellbeing, then that is what these two great guys are happy for.

Notwithstanding the top quality sound production, these podcasts are approached professionally, sensitively and with a big heart. They are all available to listen to in the usual podcast ways or you can follow the link on the @thepodbarber instagram page or on The PodBarber Wellbeing Porject Website here.

As they say – Conversation is the cure!

Celia Bartlett

From a very early age, Celia remembers the magic of the darkroom; the warmth, the smell, the dim safelight but most of all, that real magic when an image appeared on a little square of paper floating in the white ceramic tray. It was a special treat to be allowed to stand quietly alongside her father in his improvised darkroom. She was completely absorbed by this unfolding magic...and there began her affair with photography...


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